Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Bucket List ... Things to do before I die!

A few days ago I watched The Bucket List, it was my first time to watch it but I knew the story beforehand. However, watching the movie was a real delight still, though the story is so simple and may be tackled in several movies before, but I couldn’t help being so touched by it. Perhaps the story affected me so much because lately I find myself consumed with the idea of death and what we will face after we are buried under the dust. Are we going to feel anything? Are we going to miss the people we leave behind? I know it's so depressing to think of such issues and I can't count how many times did my husband ask me to discard such ideas out of my head ... but I couldn't.

I am not going to tell you that watching the movie completely changed my mind and that I stopped thinking about death, but it kinda opened my eyes to the fact that I am not thinking at all about life and living it. Now I don't know about you guys but I have to admit that most of the times I am caught up in a vicious cycle of working hard, saving money and taking care of the house that I hardly realize how time flies quickly.

So inspired by the movie I decided to write my own bucket list, things that I want to do or achieve, hopefully before I die. So here it goes …

My Bucket List

- Learn a new language

- Visit at least one new country in each continent with my husband

- Take Sharp Shooting lessons

- Memorize at least few parts of the Holy Quran

- Take care of an orphan

- Going to Pilgrimage

- Doing something good enough to inspire others and be remembered by.

- Building my own house with a garden and pool

- Riding a bicycle again (had an accident when I was a kid and stopped riding bicycles ever since)

- Meet Andrea Bocelli

- Play with real snow

- Lose weight and staying fit

- Learn water treading (I can swim but if I stopped in the middle of the pool I would drown in a blink of an eye)

- Learn cross stitching

- Starting my own business

Well ... that's all I could think of so far, I am sure as I grow older my life will change and I will add more things to this list, and hopefully I will come back and scratch off few things that I would have accomplished.

So guys, make sure you write down your own list as well, live your life and enjoy it before it's too late.