Monday, June 18, 2012

My Painful Experience with IKEA Dubai, UAE

I know that IKEA is the favorite furniture destination for lots of expats living in the UAE but I have been living here for 5 years and managed to avoid buying furniture from there till yesterday … and I wish I hadn't!

Yesterday I went to IKEA in Festival City and bought a 3 seat sofa bed with mattress and cover, then I went to customer care and agreed that that they will send a team to deliver and assemble it today at 5:30pm.

My husband had just arrived from work, looking so tired and hungry when the delivery team arrived.  I started heating supper as they started unwrapping the sofa bed, we figured it wouldn’t take more than 20 to 30 minutes maximum to be done, then we can have supper and relax and boy we were wrong!

The two guys spend almost an hour trying to figure out how to assemble the base … just the base!! My husband kept asking them if there was any problem or if this is their first time to assemble a similar sofa bed but they kept saying “no no all ok”.

After an hour they phoned the driver waiting for them downstairs who came up and played around the base for like 10 minutes before telling us that instead of having left and right hinges, there were 2 right hinges, an hour and 10 minutes to figure this out!!

Then the driver said that he has to go back to IKEA to tell them that he needs a left hinge and of course no way he could make it back today and so we have to wait till tomorrow for the team to come and finish the assembly.

At that point my husband and I were really pissed off because this is not the kind of service we expected from a big retailer like IKEA. I decided to call them and complain and request that tomorrow at least they send us a team who would be expert enough to realize what they are doing.

I called the toll free number and after the employee picked up and listen to my complaint, she said that she will transfer me to the delivery team and they will take care of this. Of course the delivery team didn’t pick up for like 10 minutes. I hung up and called again, the same person replied and gave me their direct number and transferred me again. So I gave my husband the phone hoping someone would pick up and using his phone I dialed the direct number. Again for 10 minutes no one picked up, tried a couple of times but no answer on both lines.

So my questions to IKEA are:
-          - Is it ok to enclose wrong parts inside your products?
-          - Why did you send a team of idiots to assemble my sofa bed who obviously has never done it before?
-          - Why does your delivery team has a phone number, when no one even bother to pick up?

I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, or how long it will take them to assemble my sofa bed but one thing I know is that this is probably my first and last time to buy furniture from IKEA. 

My dear IKEA … thank you for a lousy service.