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The $1,000,000 question …How many genders are out there?

All my life I knew that there were two genders; male and female, apparently however I was totally wrong and ignorant.

According to there are 16 types of genders that you have to choose from when creating your profile.

1- Guy

2- Girl

3- Dude

4- Lady

5- Fellow

6- Bird (Birdy Egg from Nest Ville – Oak land, signing up to Digg)

7- Chap

8- Grrrl

9- Gentleman

10- Damsel

11- Beau

12- Belle

13- Male

14- Female

15- Transgender

16- None of the above (Aliens who want to Digg)

See how ignorant I was =)


  1. i just realized that while registering
    hahahaha....! Interesting :)


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