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Why is everything turning into Muslim Vs Coptic Issue?

Ever since the Egyptian government decided to slaughter the 350,000 pigs in Egypt because of Swine Flu and I have been hearing conflicting thoughts and views as some are praising the decision and others are fighting it and accusing the government of ignorance. Honestly, I was ok with that; after all you could never please everyone.

I still haven’t made up my mind regarding the rightness of this decision though. Sometimes when I read in websites like CDC about how Influenza viruses can be directly transmitted from pigs to people and from people to pigs, I say may be it was the right decision, may be it is better to be safe than sorrow. We already screwed up the Bird Flu situation, should we wait till we screw up this situation as well!

Other times when I read that there are no confirmed cases of transmission between pigs and humans at this point as per WHO and hear people argue; should we kill humans infected as well? I re-think the whole situation. I mean I know I can’t compare humans to pigs but they are still living creatures who shouldn’t be unjustly killed, not to mention the farms owners who will be badly damaged as well. Kinda confusing hah!

I think we can argue about this for ages but what I don’t think we can argue about is these ridiculous claims that I have been hearing lately that this decision was taken merely to persecute Coptic living in Egypt and how since Muslims don’t eat pigs then it was ok to slaughter them. I think this is so ridiculous and I really don’t understand why the f***does everything in Egypt lately is turning into Muslim Vs Coptic issue.

I still remember the old movies talking about the 1919 revolution and how Egyptians walked together holding flags and screaming long lived the crescent with the cross. How Sheikhs spoke in churches and Priests spoke in mosques. Was that just in movies or are those good old days gone?

From my part I have never felt that there were any issues between Muslims and Coptic in Egypt. Our neighbor is Coptic and we lived in the same building for 15 years and I know she is my mother’s best friend. She used to celebrate with us during our feasts and we celebrated with her during hers. I have lots of friends who are Coptic and we never had any issues.

I am not saying that Egypt is a LaLa land. There are some differences and sensitivity issues which unfortunately were created because of fanatics in both sides and people like those with their silly claims who are trying to create divisions, but I really believe that the whole issue is not as massive as some would like it to be.

Right now, I just have one question to those who claimed that the decision was taken to persecute Coptic; do you really believe deep down that the Egyptian government was simply thinking of a way to persecute Coptic and hence decided to kill all the pigs to make them suffer!

Honestly, I only have one thing to say to those kinds of people… GET A LIFE and stop this CRAP because we are sick of it and let us live in peace.

Remember… at the end of the day we are all Egyptians, we are one nation and Egypt is our homeland.

May the cross and the crescent live united longer and longer despite fanatics.


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