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My fellow women beware … in France you have no freedom of choice!

Yesterday President Nicolas Sarkozy addressed both houses of parliament and during his speech he showed his support to banning the Niqb (a veil which covers the face, worn by some Muslim women as a part of their Hijab). Sarkozy attacked the Niqab describing it as “a sign of subservience” that suppresses women's identities and turns them into "prisoners behind a screen."

What amazes me is that Sarkozy assumes that all women who wear the Niqab are forced to do so and he didn’t stop for a one minute to consider that may be … just may be some women wear it because they truly believe that it is part of their religion’s teaching and they are willingly following it.

I am a Muslim woman and I don’t believe in the Niqab but I wear a scarf on my head (Hijab) that was my choice and my belief. However even though I don’t believe in the Niqab I don’t think that anyone has the right to deprive a woman from her own freedom of choice. Every woman has the right to choose what to wear, what to believe in and how to express her believes in any way she wants and that goes for every human being.

Reading Sarkozy’ statement was really disturbing and reminded of how I felt in 2004 when France banned wearing the headscarf in public schools. What right does any secular government has to force their opinions on people’s religion.

Sarkozy claims that the Niqab is “a sign of debasement” … is it really? A study was done in 2003 estimated that about 15,000 - 20,000 women work as prostitutes in France. So which is more humiliating for a woman, covering her body as per her own choice or showing it off and selling her own flesh for money unwillingly.

Sarkozy refuses the existence of Niqab in France "It will not be welcome on the territory of the French Republic." he said.

So, what about French Muslim women who wear the Niqab, they will not be welcomed in their own country anymore? How about Muslim women who are married to French people, are they going to be kicked of France and separated from their families if they decided to stick to their believes? Or will the French government put them under house arrest? Is France now going to dictate to people what parts of their religions’ teachings they should follow and what parts to discard?

I honestly don’t see any difference between KSA and France right now. KSA forces women to wear the Niqab against their well and France is forcing women to take of their Niqab and scarf against their own well. But you know what at least KSA never pretend to be anything than an extremist country while France claims to be a free open country when at the end it only want to impose its own values under the flag of neutrality.

The thing that is funny though, this whole thing is about women, yet women have no say about it at all.


  1. Utter rubbish. In France, women can vote, drive, run for high office, marry whoever they choose and travel freely. It is ridiculous to suggest that the banning of the burqa (which because it covers the face is culturally offensive in the West) somehow turns France into a nation with as much disregard for women as the KSA.

  2. Here's what Fadela Amara, France's housing minister who is of Algerian origin, said. She described the burqa as a "kind of tomb" and added: "We must do everything to stop burqas from spreading." So there is debate within Islam and among Muslim women about the burqa. I;m sure some women make a free personal choice to wear it and I imagine others feel they have no choice.

  3. To be fair, France does have a right to dictate its own cultural norms, just as every single Middle Eastern country does. I think they view banning the burqa as an assertion of French values. You're point on prostitution is interesting, except you assume all prostitutes work unwillingly.

    And yes, I'm sorry, but it is rubbish to compare KSA to France. A prostitute in the latter country would face corporeal punishment, debasement or no.

  4. Just to make one thing clear I am not comparing France to KSA except in the point I mentioned, no one should deprive women from their right to wear whatever they want. I can expect this from KSA as an extremist country but I expect better from a country like France.

    France is an open country where everyone is free to do whatever he/she wants right?. It encourages freedom of speech, freedom of choice and like it is said above women have all the rights there, so when I see a country like that trying to deprive women from one of their many rights which is wearing what they want I have to be disappointed.

    So i simply want to say that when it comes to the point of forcing women on wearing things against their well there is no difference between France and KSA.

    Jen, I don't believe in using the word 'all' cause I am against generalization and in the prostitution point I meant those who do it unwillingly not that all do it that way. I am not that naïve 

  5. Very nice Marwa!

    Fadi Ozone

  6. choice is key - from both sides; he is actually making those women subservient to the state

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